Causal Wear Day

Date : 2016/12/22

「便服日籌款」是本會自2014年成立以來第一次舉辦的籌款活動,目的是為「非學術範疇發展基金」籌集款項,讓該基金更能輔助學校在非學術性 ( 例如運動、音樂等方面 ) 之發展。




The “Dress Casual Day” has been the first activity organized by RCPSPTA since the our establishment in 2014. The activity raises fund for the RCPSPTA Non-Academic Development Fund in the hope that more non-academic activities of the school (such as music and sport) can be subsidized.

The activity took place on 22 December 2016 in this academic year. On that day, casual attire was no doubt the dress code for the participants, but what is more important is that we hope students could have fun before Christmas and, at the same time, realize that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

The “Dress Causal Day” received enthusiastic response and participation from parents and students. As a result, the event raised fund of HK$119,650. This event will never be a success without your generosity and your trust and support to the school and RCPSPTA.

In the future, we will continue to use all funds and resources wisely and appropriately and to help develop both academic and non-academic activities of the school.

  • Post published:十二月 23, 2016