The English Language Education curriculum strives to achieve the following: 

  • To offer every student the knowledge and tools to master a second language which provides further opportunities for extending their knowledge and gaining insight into the cultures of other people different from their own, as well as opportunities for personal and intellectual development, further studies, pleasure and work in the English medium.
  • To help students lay a solid foundation in learning English, one that has a positive connotation associated to it, encouraging a lifelong investment of learning and gaining effective communication of knowledge, ideas, values, attitudes and experience.
  • To equip students to be prepared for the changing socio-economic demands resulting from advances in information technology, including the interpretation, use and production of materials for pleasure, study and work in the English medium.
  • To develop students abilities to confidently express and articulate their opinions and beliefs through the English language, providing them with the opportunity to converse with native English speakers.
  • To provide an opportunity for personal and intellectual development, to further studies, and work in the English medium.


The English Language Education curriculum operates with the following ambitions:

  • To promote and encourage a “reading to grow” culture in the school.
  • To improve and develop student’s confidence in their abilities, and competency of the English language.
  • To provide them with the knowledge and willingness to use English as a part of their daily lives.
  • To promote STEM education by offering co-curricular support, employing e-learning and modern teaching methods, and developing materials that spark students’ interest in innovation and technology.
  • To create and nurture a warm and friendly environment, that ensures students feel they are immersed in a safe and judgment – free atmosphere where they have the freedom to grow and to be able to develop their English skills.
  • To develop students’ higher-order thinking skills and critical thinking, encouraging them to apply, analyse and evaluate knowledge in the English medium.

Unique offerings of the English Department to create a well – rounded, dynamic and stimulating English learning environment:

  • Native-speaking English teachers
  • English Room and an English reading corner
  • English Fun Days
  • Access to a wide variety of English literature
  • Participation in a range of English events and competitions
  • Study tours and school outings
  • Extra-curricular materials
  • English ambassadors

Competitions and Events

We offer a wide variety of competitions and events that encourage students to showcase their skills and talents throughout the year.

Inter-class Creative Writing Competition

The English Department organises an annual Creative Writing Competition for P.4 – P.6 students to explore their creativity and provide students with a platform to showcase their writing abilities. Pieces are judged upon creativity, language skill and penmanship. Students enjoy having the freedom and the chance to explore their creative side in their English writing. This year’s theme was ‘Tales of Integrity’ and encouraged students to reflect upon one of the major concerns of this school year, “Integrity” and produce a piece of writing demonstrating their own personal take on the theme.

Hong Kong Speech Festival

Every year, the school enters the Primary One to Primary Three mixed voice choral speaking event. The English Choral Speaking Team is trained by our NET teachers and has regular practice throughout the school year. Our school has seen great performance in previous years whilst participating in the Choral speaking event. The English Choral Speaking Team won first prize in their participation category in 2018/19. Unfortunately, due to the Pandemic, the choral speaking event was cancelled during the 2020/2021 school year.

Students are encouraged to participate in the English Solo Verse Speaking events individually. The level of ability and confidence in English usage at the school is reflected in the high number of participants each year, as well as the consistent numbers of students winning Champion, First and Second Runner-up Prizes each year.

Talent Quest

The school’s annual Talent Quest, which is sponsored by the Parent-Teacher Association, gives our students an extra opportunity to express their creativity and develop their talents. Due to the pandemic, the Talent Quest was cancelled in the 2020/2021 school year.

‘Every Step Counts’ boardgame

The English Department and the IT Department took a cross curricular approach to facilitate the creation of board games made by students, encapsuling the major concerns of the 2020/2021 school year, Justice, Integrity and Wisdom. This project was designed to give students an opportunity to grasp a deeper understanding of the school’s major concerns by thinking of everyday situations where ‘Justice, Wisdom and Integrity’ can be applied. 

English Ambassadors

To nurture talent and build up confidence, teams of English Ambassadors are selected each term to champion English learning in the school, help younger Raimondians in the English Reading Corners, supervise activities on English Fun Days and provide support to their fellow English Learners.

English Days

Throughout the school year, the English Department organises themed English  Days that give students the chance to have fun using their English skills.

This year, due to the pandemic, one of the two English days were conducted over Zoom. However, despite the new approach to the English Day, the event was thoroughly enjoyed by all. “Christmas Spirit” was the theme the first English Day embodied, which was carried out during the festive season. Activities included Kahoot quizzes based on a variety of videos such as music videos, short stories and advertisements encompassing the festive season, a Zoom scavenger hunt and writing cards of encouragement.

The second English Day was fortunately able to be conducted face to face at school. The English day was planned around the school’s major concerns of the 2021/2021 school year, Wisdom, Integrity and Justice. Game booths, singing and dancing, a Raimondian spelling bee and a board game activity, ‘Every Step Counts’ gave students the opportunity to play board games they had created based on the theme of Integrity, Justice and Wisdom, were all received with great excitement and willingness to participate by students.  The English day was seen as a great success.

English room and an English reading corner

We offer students access to an English room under the supervision of our NETs, where an enjoyable environment is created whereby students can be immersed in the English language. Students can enjoy English board games, read English books, learn tongue twisters and poems and practice English conversation in an informal setting. Unfortunately, due to the Pandemic during the 2020/2021 school year, students were not able to utilize these facilities. 

Extra-curricular material

Students are provided with non- compulsory additional extra-curricular material to enhance their learning. English activity booklets are given to students before vacation with varying themes such as summer, Christmas and Easter, depending on the relevance of the holiday.

Native-speaking English Teachers

This year we have two NET teachers, Mr Zidek and Ms James. Their responsibilities range from teaching Oral lessons to P.1 – P.6, to planning, assisting and conducting English events with the English Department.

Inside the classroom during class time, our native-speaking English teachers (NETs) help students to improve their speaking, reading and listening skills with well thought out and prepared activities to ensure all learning styles and levels are catered for. Activities include the likes of speaking tasks, allowing students the opportunity to interact with our NETs as well as their classmates. Classroom readers allow students to be exposed to English literature of an appropriate standard. Numerous other enjoyable learning activities are also utilized during the NETs lessons to encourage an interactive environment where students can be immersed in the English language.

Outside of the classroom, our NETs further regularly interact with students, meeting with students before and after school and during recess. Students are given the opportunity on numerous occasions to learn with our NETs, including Campus TV appearances, access to the English Room and participating in our English Fun Days.

Study Tours and school outings

Each year, the school arranges a study tour for some students to travel abroad and visit a location of educational and cultural significance. This provides students with a unique opportunity to practise their English communication skills, experience different cultures and gain a sense of responsibility as ambassadors for the school.

Due to the pandemic, no study tour was arranged for 2020/21. In the past few years, our students went to Singapore, Taiwan, Australia and different countries. In 2018/19, our Primary Five students visited New Zealand during the summer. In New Zealand, they explored a number of cultural and historic sights, spent time at a local primary school and enhanced their real-world English communication skills by staying with a local family for part of their visit.

Useful Websites

  1. British Council
  2. Oxford
  3. Dictionary
  4. BBC Learning English
  5. hkedcity – English Campus