The overall aims of the English Language Education curriculum are:

  • To offer every student the right to a second language which provides further opportunities for extending their knowledge and experience of the cultures of other people as well as opportunities for personal and intellectual development, further studies, pleasure and work in the English medium.
  • To help students lay a good foundation in learning English, paving the way for independent and lifelong learning and effective communication of knowledge, ideas, values, attitudes and experience.
  • To enable students to prepare for the changing socio-economic demands resulting from advances in information technology, including the interpretation, use and production of materials for pleasure, study and work in the English medium.


  • To promote “Reading to Learn” culture in school
  • To develop students' language competency and encourage them to use English as a means of communication in daily life.
  • To promote STEM education by offering co-curricular support and developing materials to spark students’ interest in innovation and technology.
  • To provide a warm and enjoyable atmosphere to motivate students to learn English.
  • To develop an ever-improving capability to use English to think and communicate, to acquire, develop and apply knowledge and to respond and give expression to experience; And within these contexts, to develop and apply an ever-improving understanding of how language is organized and learned.

Special Features of the Curriculum

  • Native-speaking English teacher
  • English room
  • English reading corner
  • English Days
  • English Speaking Days
  • Access to a wide variety of English literature
  • Participation in a range of English events and competitions
  • Study tours and school outings

Theme of the Year

The English Department uses different themes each year to stimulate students' interest and spark creativity while supporting the Major Concerns of the school from year to year. In 2018/19, the theme was Chinese Proverbs, opening the eyes of students to the world of ancient Chinese wisdom, as well as promoting the glorious traditions of the motherland. The choice of proverbs was based upon feelings of kindness, generosity and benevolence, such as 'If you always give, you will always have' and 'Kindness in giving creates love'. Students were challenged to create a deep understanding of these Chinese proverbs and develop their cognitive functions by finding correlations between the meanings and the encounters that they have in their day-to-day lives. By the end of the school year, students were able to confidently recite proverbs and could demonstrate their admiration for Chinese culture through the new vocabulary that they had acquired.

Competitions and Events

Hong Kong Speech Festival

Every year, the school enters the Primary One to Primary Three Mixed Voice Choral Speaking event. The English Choral Speaking Team is trained by our NET teacher and has regular practice throughout the school year. In 2018/19, the English Choral Speaking Team performed very well, winning the First Runner-up Prize in their participation category.


English Activity Days

Throughout the school year, the English Department will organise different English activity days that give students chances to have fun using their English skills. This year, we held two English Days – one at Christmas in December and one in June.

The Christmas English Day included festive activities such as carol singing with the NET, making a Jesse tree, writing messages of love and thanks, and playing Christmas-themed English games.


June’s English Day focused on the theme of ‘kindness’, and students enjoyed making kindness decorations, singing songs, writing messages, performing random acts of kindness and watching a lively English debate with Primary and Secondary section students.

Talent Quest

Every year, the Raimondi College Primary Section Parent-Teacher Association sponsors the annual Talent Quest - one of the most anticipated events in the entire school calendar. Open to all students in the school, the Talent Quest gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their impressive and diverse talents and abilities in a wide array of categories, including English solo verse speaking, English speech writing and public speaking, and penmanship. The winners in each category go on to perform in the incredible Talent Quest showcase event, conducted entirely in English by the student MCs, alongside winners in the musical, Cantonese and Putonghua Talent Quest categories. Students enjoy enthusiastically participating the Talent Quest, and it serves as a great platform for students to display their passion and skill in English.

Native-speaking English Teacher

The employment of a native-speaking English teacher (NET) is common in Hong Kong and our school is no exception. NETs are able to model perfect English for students while also provide a chance to practise English communication every day at school.

Inside the classroom, our NET helps students to improve their speaking, reading and listening skills with speaking activities, exam practice, classroom readers and other enjoyable activities. Our NET also regularly interacts with students during recess times, arranges fun English activities and runs the school English Room for playing fun English games and reading English storybooks.

Study Tour

Each year, the school arranges a study tour for some students to travel abroad and visit a location of educational and cultural significance. This provides students with a unique opportunity to practise their English communication skills, experience different cultures and gain a sense of responsibility as ambassadors for the school.

In 2018/19, Primary Five students will be visiting New Zealand during the summer. In New Zealand, they will explore a number of cultural and historic sights, spend time at a local primary school and enhance their real-world English communication skills by staying with a local family for part of their visit.


Inter-class Writing Competition

To add to students' extracurricular writing opportunities and develop a sense of camaraderie, the English Department has introduced an Inter-class Writing Competition for all Primary 4 to Primary 6 students. As well as individual awards for Best Writer, classes also receive a Best Class award for making the best effort collectively.

In 2018/19, the theme selected was Good People, Good Deeds, and students produced a wide range of marvelous pieces of writing discussing examples of altruism and goodwill gestures from themselves and people in their own lives, through to international icons such as Mother Teresa and local heroes like Ming Gor. Not only were students encouraged to think about kindness and goodwill in society, but many have been emboldened to show the courage to enter creative writing competitions in the future - something that the school both actively encourages and promotes.

English Inter-class Writing Competition 2019 - ‘Good People, Good Deeds’
Results and Winners

Primary 4
Best Writer

Position Name Comments
Champion 4A Tong Chun Yin (24) Good organization, excellent grammar and vocabulary, and a great piece about ‘Mother Teresa’ and Catholic values.
1st Runner-up 4D Kwan Pak Him (15) Informative piece about ‘Principal Chan Free Tutorial World’ with good vocabulary and understanding of Catholic values.
2nd Runner-up 4D Chan Ring (4) Heart-warming dedication to a classmate including a nice example of a good deed.

Best Class

Position Class Comments
Champion 4D Good participation and several good pieces.


Primary 5
Best Writer

Position Name Comments
Champion 5A Siu Hin Yat (32) Accomplished piece with impressive use of vocabulary and literary devices covering ‘Principal Chan’ and ‘Ming Gor’
1st Runner-up 5B Thomas Ho (12) Touching writing about his grandmother with a story from World War II that encapsulates the theme. Good vocabulary and organization.
2nd Runner-up 5D Hui Siu Ting (11) Informative writing about the Western District Neighbourhood Kitchen.

Best Class

Position Class Comments
Champion 5A Strong writing in a variety of styles.


Primary 6
Best Writer

Position Name Comments
Champion 6B Lee Pui Wan Alana (18) Great organization and structure, nice idiomatic style of language, and good information about ‘Ming Gor’.
1st Runner-up 6B Yuen Isaac (33) Excellent vocabulary, creative use of analogy and good moral sharing about Mother Teresa.
2nd Runner-up 6C Tsang Sze Ching (27) Insightful piece about ‘Cheng Hoi Yan’. Good vocabulary, structure and organization.

Best Class

Position Class Comments
Champion 6B Two outstanding and several good pieces of writing.


Useful Websites

  1. British Council
  2. Oxford
  3. Dictionary
  4. BBC Learning English
  5. hkedcity – English Campus