1D Chan Hei Nok Enoch Cantonese Solo verse Speaking 媽媽的話


3C Chan Ho Yeung Cantonese Solo verse Speaking


3C Chen Yu Ki Violin Grade 4 to 5 Viacaldi Violin Concerto in G Major


4A Yuan Rachelle Harp Toccata


4B Chan Yat Wai Violin Grade 6 to 7 El cholo


4B Chan Yat Yin Aisling Piano Grade 2 to 3 Innocence


4C Chan Kwok Yee Ane Singing 打金枝


4C Chan Kwok Yee Ane 笛子 保爾的母雞


4C Loong Ho Long Cello Over the Rainbow


4C Wong Pok Yu English Solo verse Speaking Everything Mom


4D Leung Reagan Ayron Cantonese Solo verse Speaking 童話


4D Wang Chin Tung Cherrie Putonghua Solo verse Speaking 聽,那海聲


4D Wong Yat Nok Violon Grade 4 to 5 Concerto No 5 in D Major


5A Leung Hiu Ching Natalie Putonghua Solo verse Speaking 風


5C Cheng Siu Chun Cantonese Solo verse Speaking 雨後


5C Leung Ching Pok Trumpet The Prince of Denmark’s March


6A Chau Ka Wang Violin Grade 8 or above Rezygnacja Resignation


6A Sin Ka Yu Augustine Xylophone The Downfall of Paris


6B Cheung Ting Yuk Piano junior to Grade 1 Down by the bay


6B Lo Wai Yin Putonghua Solo verse Speaking 當我們在一起


6C Au Ka Wah Julian English Solo verse Speaking


6D Au Ka Nin Matthew Piano Grade 4 to 5 Moonbeams

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